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Stephanie Ellen St. Claire - Tucson Psychic Medium and Tucson Astrologer


Predictions for 2012


Well, here we are, the year 2012 has finally arrived amidst much hoopla and hype! I am continually being asked about the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, so let me address this issue once and for all.

First, I want to make it perfectly clear that the world is NOT going to end. Secondly, there are several Mayan calendars, not just one. Thirdly, there are different ending dates on each calendar and even the predominate calendar which most people are referring to when they talk about the Mayan calendar, has different ending dates other than 12/21/12. It seems to vary depending upon who is interpreting the symbols.

At any rate, what IS occurring during these intense times in which we live, is an ending of a very long cycle of 26,000 years. Every 13,000 and 26,000 years there is a major shift in energies on the planet. I don't wish to delve any further into this subject but there is much information available on the internet to explain these cycles. Just be discerning about what you're reading and believing.

So, what is actually happening during these times? Actually, we here on earth are in the midst of a great transformation and an expansion of consciousness the likes of which have never taken place before. Over the next 20 years, we will be recognizing and experiencing that we are multidimensional beings capable of much, much more than we have ever imagined! That we have an incredible imagination which heretofore has not been utilized other than a fraction of its capabilities! In addition, our DNA and our physical bodies are being rearranged to assist us in becoming aware of and opening up to these incredible possibilities including the recognition that there is not just one future but multiple futures from which to choose! So, this is a most wonderful time to be alive!!

Since 1988, when the Harmonic Convergence began, the frequency of earth has been very steadily changing to give us access to experiences we've never had before. Time has speeded up very greatly......Spirit has referred to this time as "the quickening" and the "nanosecond". This energy is almost a match to the astral plane energy (the first non-physical reality.......where we go when we're sleeping at night and where we go in-between lives). In the astral plane, all thoughts and feelings are instantly manifested!

What does this mean to us in a physical body here on earth? Because the earth frequency is a close enough match to the astral plane, it allows us to CREATE OUR LIVES easier and faster than ever before! Another aspect of this frequency increase is the ability to experience multidimensional reality which is something denied to us up to this time in our earth history, to recognize that we are multidimensional beings!

So what is multidimensional reality anyway? It is where there is NO LINEAR TIME as we've known and experienced it in our lives. All lives are simultaneous.....which means all of our lives in other dimensions, universes and realities, including parallel lives, are simultaneous! And, furthermore, we can choose to create any reality we want! How exciting is that?!!

This means we could possibly meet and experience other parts of ourselves, we could possibly time travel backwards and forwards on our current timeline, or other timelines for that matter, and we could visit other physical and non-physical realities! Pretty exciting stuff I'd say!

Now, I know this sounds really far out!! But all of this is a strong possibility in the years ahead, should we choose to experience this, when earth's energies become stabilized. These abilities will gradually be available for us all to experience (in fact, some people have even experienced a little bit of this type of activity right now as we speak) because these experiences are part of the new cycle we're entering at this time.

Of course, this will not happen all at once..........it will be very gradual. Life on earth is in a HUGE transition now. In order to build a new structure of living that is more equitable and self-sustaining, life as we know it must change, and is changing, whether we like it or not. However, this is a VERY GOOD THING! The old paradigm is fading away, and you can see it happening right before our very eyes!

The most important concept to understand right now, at this time, is that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs help to create our reality; in other words, what experiences we meet in life! This was never more true than now because of the frequency alignment between earth and the astral plane whereby instant manifestation is a commonplace occurrence.

Now, one more thing to consider! I don't want anyone to be misled! You all need to understand that there are other levels operating for each of us other than our conscious, physical self, or our personality's perspective. Most of you know that we set up our lives ahead of time, before we're born. We set up a loose overall blueprint of what we wish to learn and experience. We carefully choose our parents, potential partners and children, and, of course, what karmas both good and not so good we wish to balance. One's astrology chart shows a great deal of what we are about in any given life. It's one of the blueprints or tools available to us for study.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that we all understand this concept because in creating our reality through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, there is this other very powerful level operating in conjunction with our personality selves in the creation process. That is why some people can create what they want very easily and others seem to be held back a bit.

What is important to remember is that we are ALL HERE TO GROW AND EVOLVE; we are all here to experience everything that is to be experienced when in a body on earth! In some lives, it will be easier to create what we want and desire, and in others, not so quickly. However, until this time in our history, we've never been given the opportunity we now have........to create QUICKLY, both what we want and don't want! Up until this time, to create anything took a very, very long time in earth years because our physical body and earth's body were heavy and dense......time moved slowly, very slowly. Not anymore!

So, how do we undo all of our childhood programming, experiences and beliefs which are entrenched within us all?? Beliefs, feeling and experiences that keep us creating what we don't want over and over again?

It's important to understand we can release ALL THAT IS HOLDING US BACK in many different ways. First, we must recognize we are blocked and must want to do something about it. This comes from within us and no one can make anyone go through this process or to even acknowledge there is a blockage(s) or problem(s). It's similar to an alcoholic recognizing there is a problem before wanting to take action. This is always step one before bringing about change.

Most of us DON'T realize that our beliefs, thoughts and feelings are strongly influenced by our childhood experiences and programming by our parents, schools, churches, television, and movies. Everyone has a certain way of thinking and perceiving events in their lives based on this conditioning. This type of thinking, feeling and believing often does not serve us and keeps negative patterns repeating and repeating in our lives. We focus on what we don't want; then we add intense emotional feelings to the mix, and lo and behold, we wonder why our lives are in chaos.

As many of you know, all forms of media (magazines, newspapers, television, movies and the internet) are filled with fear based pictures and programming, repeating over and over again, and is designed to keep us fearful, worried, doubting ourselves, and generally, keeping us in a negative place, keeping us from creating our lives the way we want or recognizing the power is within each of us and not outside of ourselves!

Once you understand this and choose not to participate in this type of thinking and experiencing, you can drastically change your lives!

So, how do you do this?

1) You release your negative patterns from childhood and your adult lives, as well as from other lives, by seeking alternative professionals who are skilled in these releasing techniques.

2) You remove toxic situations and people from your life. You get yourselves cleared of negative entities and non-beneficial energies which are attached to you.......and everyone has them!

3) You intentionally participate only in media events which are uplifting, inspirational and joyful.

4) You begin to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings and learn to focus on what you are wanting in a joyful and knowing way.

5) You realize the power is WITHIN yourself and not outside of yourself.

6) You learn to follow only what makes you happy and feels good inside!

7) You allow alone time to be with yourself every day so that the INNER NET becomes strong within you. This sacred alone time is one of the most important things you could ever do for yourselves.

8) It is important to rest, slow down, have quiet time, still your mind, be in nature, and to cleanse your bodies of impurities.

9) Every day find one or more things to be grateful and appreciative for. Keep a gratitude journal if this speaks to you. Gratitude and appreciation are necessary to create our lives the way we want. It opens up the heart center to a place of knowing and believing.

If there ever was a time to change your life, this year is it!! Please take advantage of this most special and spectacular year on our planet to CREATE YOUR LIFE IN A MOST FULFILLING AND JOYFUL WAY!


This year we get to experience the first of 6 exact (an exact aspect occurs when the degrees of the planets are the same numbers) squares between the planets Pluto in the sign of Capricorn and Uranus in the sign of Aries. This is one of the most volatile and difficult astrological aspects. (aspects are geometric angles between the planets..... some create difficulties and others create opportunities and ease).

These 6 squares occur over several years from 2012 until 2015. There is one this year, 2 in the years 2013 and 2014, and one in 2015. The squares in 2013 and 2014 are directly influencing the United States astrological chart in a most impacting and life altering way. It will lead the way into the dismantling of many of the systems and structures in the US. Pluto in Capricorn, by itself, breaks down all institutions which are no longer viable in their current form.

Of all the astrological aspects in our birth charts or in the sky at any given time, the square is the most difficult. It creates the most change and growth in our lives and on the planet. A square is when two or more planets are 90 degrees from each other.

The planet Pluto brings about transformation and rebirth whereas the planet Uranus breaks up anything in its path. The last time this square between these two planets occurred was during the great depression.

This year the first square happens from June 6 - July 9 at 8 degrees of Capricorn and Aries. There are two other periods whereby the squares are the exact numbers but not as close as the one in June/July.....the minutes of the planets does not make it the exact square, although the degree numbers are the same. Most astrologers feel planets are exact when the degrees and minutes are exact. The second square by degree only is from August 21 - September 5, and the third one is from September 18 - September 30. The bottom line is that anything can happen during these times.

In other Pluto news, in the year 2022, Pluto returns to its exact position in the United State's birth chart, which can signal some additional surprises for the US. It takes Pluto 250 years to return to its original position in anyone's chart. Obviously, this is important more in terms of country and city charts rather than one's personal chart.

This year the planet Saturn is completing its run through the sign of Libra (the sign of relationships) and has succeeded in ending relationships that were not working the last couple of years and will bring finality to any relationships that should have ended and haven't before it moves into the sign of Scorpio. On October 6th, Saturn goes into the sign of Scorpio for 2 ½ years. While in Scorpio, much stuff that has been hidden from public view will be exposed.

On February 3rd, the planet Neptune will move into the sign of Pisces for 14 years (until January 27, 2026). With Neptune in its ruling sign of Pisces (Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune), one can choose to experience great imagining in our creations or escape into confusion or delusion. Pisces/Neptune rules the waters/oceans and our emotions, so we must be mindful of how we wish to create since our feelings fuel our imagination.

Daylight savings time changes on Sunday, March 11, 2012 in which time Arizona goes from MST to PDT. Arizona does NOT participate in daylight savings time because of the heat. Daylight savings time end on Sunday, November 4, 2012.

Mercury retrogrades (appears to go backwards) three times each year for three weeks at a time. Be careful of signing important documents and travel during these times.

Mercury retrogrades the following three times:

-March 12 at 12:4 9 AM PDT - April 4 at 3:11 AM PDT qwqewqeqwewqewqe

- July 14 at 7:16 PM PDT - August 7/8 at 10:40 PM PDT

- November 6 at 3:04 PM PST - November 26 at 2:48 PM PST

Every two years Mars and Venus go retrograde and this is the year that happens.

Venus retrogrades from:

- May 15 at 7:33 AM PDT - June 27 at 8:07 AM PDT

When Venus retrogrades, it is NOT a good time to begin a relationship, file for divorce or engage in major relationship changes. It's more of a time to re-evaluate relationships, repair damages and asses what is going on rather than taking direct action.

Mars retrogrades from:

- January 23 at 4:54 PM PST - April 13 at 8:53 PM PST

When Mars (Mars relates to action and the expenditure of any type of energy and one's will) retrogrades, be careful of purchasing any electronic or mechanical items because the likelihood of problems is very high. Be careful of initiating any and all new activities including the starting of a business. During a Mars retrograde, there are often delays of one kind or another and it can be a very frustrating time to get things done in a flowing way.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, abundance, and expansion, stays in a sign for approximately one year. Last year, Jupiter went into the earth sign of Taurus on June 5, 2011 and will move from Taurus into Gemini on June 12 of this year. When Jupiter is in Taurus, gardening and growing things can flourish as well as any down to earth activities such as starting and expanding one's business or other similar activities. When Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini, all forms of communication such as writing, teaching, publishing, lecturing, etc., receive a boost.

I will be posting more information as the year progresses on my blog which can be accessed from my website www.stephaniestclaire.net.


Jose and Lena Stevens write the Full/New Moon/ and monthly forecasts that I forward to everyone. Each year in December, they channel the yearly forecast based on the Michael material which I periodically teach in my classes. They channel the energies which are prevalent for each upcoming year in December of each year. I will now share with you their highlights and overview of trends of this year - 2012.

The role for this year is ARTISAN. Artisans destroy what doesn't work and they create and organize new ways of doing things out of chaos ....they think totally out of the box. So the energy this year is fluid, chaotic, moody, destructive and potentially misunderstood. We will experience this within ourselves and most likely will reconfigure what we're doing. This can manifest as chaos or it could be experienced as extraordinary bliss/tranquility and peace.

Because we're used to order and structure, sometimes feeling no structure, in this case experienced as chaos, could be frightening to some. The times we're in and what is coming down the pike is difficult to understand and rationalize. Events coming will either be so overwhelming or sudden that we are taken by surprise and can't quite grasp it.

Artisans are very good at unexpected events because they're used to this type of energy. Younger souls value structure, rules and regulations. They like to be told what to do and how to do it. These people will be most vulnerable this year and intense fear could arise within them which could manifest as belligerence and hostility.

Along with the Artisan role, the casting (flavor) is the KING role which denotes mastery and authority. With the King influence, it will help us view the larger picture and help us ground it into something physically pragmatic so that we can manage this energy.

The goal this year is GROWTH the same as last year. Growth motivates us to evolve on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It affords us the opportunity to evolve the way we each need to. Growth challenges us to take risks and affords us rapid movement. It can be scary, uncomfortable and take us out of our comfort zone. Huge amounts of information to process come with the territory. It's important to absorb the energy without wanting to figure it out or try to organize it. It's important to pull back and re-evaluate from time to time to assimilate what is going on.

The mode this year is POWER. The mode is how we accomplish the goal. So to accomplish growth, we must be in our personal power or tapped into the authority within us. Each of us will just know things.......high intuition. Avoid being too serious and too heavy which could be oppressive. Humor will help a lot and there will be times we will need to pull back and be cautious.

The attitude this year is SKEPTIC. This denotes a year not to take things at face value but to investigate further to see if things are true. Be careful not to get too suspicious but to question in a balanced way.

The obstacle (the force that tries to prevent us from accomplishing our goad) this year is IMPATIENCE with a secondary of MARTYRDOM. When people are stressed these obstacles become very forceful. These obstacles keep us all from fun/joy/happiness and quite miserable. With impatience, we can't figure out how to get everything done and feel helpless to do anything about it. With Martyrdom, we feel like a victim. Because the centering for the year is moving, the best thing we can do to get out of the obstacles is to dance, sing, tear our lists in half, and be in movement.

The centering for the year is MOVING. When it is a moving centered year, it is not the time to process things intellectually or emotionally. In a moving centered year, one processes by doing and experiencing. You will feel like you have to experience things by doing more. Our bodies will be more at the forefront....we will feel like we need to sleep and read less and do more. The instinctive center is the part of center and the trap we can get into. There might be some life altering events that throw us into shock and will put people into a holding pattern and not know how to react. The instinctive center will then take over. To get out of that one needs to move.

The needs this year are exchange (communicating with each other in all the ways available to us), freedom (already a big theme on the planet), and expression (creating and wanting to express ourselves).

The elements this year are air and wind, earth movement and water for the long range (Neptune moving into Pisces.....is there enough water or are we running out of water, the state of our water resources, rising seas, etc.).

Earth is moving out of the Young Soul cycle and entering into the Mature Soul cycle, moving out of the child stage into the adolescent and young adult stage as a species......entering a new paradigm while the old system is crumbling which will last until 2015 according to Jose and Lena. (This coincides with most other information and what I said previously). There will be a building period from 2015 through the mid 2020s......little by little a new world emerges. Around 2027, we'll see the new world and what it looks like. 2012, this year, is the tipping point. (coincides with the Pleiadian information as well).

The theme this year is CHAOS both internal and external. It's like reshuffling the deck. One's identity can change a great deal. It's very important to flow and roll with things. The people who will have the hardest time will be those who want to control everything (control freaks). People will go off the deep end because they will be unable to control what's going on. We need to increase our tolerance for whatever might suddenly occur.

Another theme is POWER (Uranus square Pluto). Powerful sudden change......power structures, personal power, anything you can think of as powerful will be changing....belief systems, realizing the power is always within, understanding what is of value within ourselves. The path of Shamanism is the path of power and is the oldest practice of personal power on the planet.

This year is also a peak year of solar flares, stronger than any previously recorded. Because of this, there could be disruptions in telecommunication systems, satellites, etc. For those of you who bank online and do much on the computer and on your cell phones, it is suggested that you make sure you have paperwork to back up everything. Everyone will be personally influenced by these solar flares and it's up to us to decide if we will react favorably or not. It may cause groups of people to go through intense experiences....will cause people, animals and plants to react in strange and different ways. Weather and climate could be in a state of great turmoil because of the solar flares.

Navigating the edge - edges of things hold the most power in shamanism...sunrises, sunsets, two pieces of land, where oceans and land come together........great danger/great power.

Because it's a moving centered year, things will be moving faster than one can imagine. The electronic media will be taking over and we can't imagine what might occur the next few years.......time of rapid movement whether we like it or not....we must be willing to hold open space and to allow changes. We need to hold room for what might be possible that we can't possibly conceive of right now..... opening up to one's imagination.

Many people will be in denial/deception because events and phenomena will be going faster than we can imagine. This includes technology, quantum physics, new awarenesses, and so forth. That said, if you look around at the average person, their beliefs and actions are pretty archaic, especially concerning religious issues. There will be a huge chasm between the old and new ways. Denial is a resistance to accepting that the world is changing. We will be learning a whole new way of being, what the brain is capable of both in terms of processing and downloading information.

The final theme is HEALING. Traditional medicine shows the distortion of how healing is done......this year healing methods and concerns will come to the forefront as more and more people question what is illness and disease, redefining what it is.

RELATIONSHIPS - people will feel a strong desire to break out of any relationship that seems to imprison, confine or restrict one. All relationships, including our relationship with ourselves, will be re-evaluated. Many new people will come into our lives enriching each and every one of us.

Many people will begin to establish relationships with Spirit and those no longer in a body. Watch impatience and stubbornness to exert itself a great deal in the area of relationships this year.

In terms of culture and society, watch for lots of unrest and large movements. More rebellion as people become more and more disgusted with things. Look for unpredictability and chaos in the area of elections later this year.

So, all in all, to sum up this year, in a nutshell, it is a year of great change and unrest but an exciting year to create anew!

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