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Astrologer & Psychic Medium

Iím a practicing psychic medium which means Iím clairvoyant (naturally psychic), and I work with a very large team of Spirit Guides and Helpers. Iím also an astrologer, spiritual counselor and life coach. Iíve been psychic since childhood and have helped thousands of people over a 30+ year period.

The main reason my psychic readings are so much more effective than most psychics or astrologers is because I combine FOUR modalities (see description below) rather than the usual one or two of most psychic readers and astrologers. This helps my accuracy to be an exceptional 80 - 90% that few can match!

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"It is with gratitude that I write this note: After a number of readings with you over the past year I feel compelled to let you know what incredible accuracy you have shown in each of these readings. I would estimate close to 100% even though I couldn't see it at the time of the reading--all of your predictions and intuitions have proven accurate. Additionally your timing of events is uncanny; your feeling about people and their motivations have been 'on target'. At this point I would not hesitate to consult you about any business or personal decision or situation. Your insights are very valuable."

--V.O., Farmington, CT

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Spiritual Counselors and Spirit Guides, Astrologers and Astronomers, and Astrology and Astronomy.

Accuracy of My Psychic Readings

As an Astrologer, I look closely at your birth chart (first modality) which is your life's blueprint. As a Psychic, I tap into my strong intuitive abilities (second modality) to pick up energies operating in your life at the present. In addition, as a Medium, my Spirit Guides communicate telepathically with me (third modality) to feed me additional information about you. Lastly, I use a pendulum (fourth modality) to check and confirm that the information I'm receiving is indeed true.

"I'm writing to thank you for your reading you gave me last week. It was excellent. You're amazingly accurate!"

--D.L., Tucson, AZ

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E-mail: stephanie@stephaniestclaire.net

(520) 299-9557

Stephanie Ellen St. Claire

6890 E Sunrise Dr. #126
Tucson, Arizona 85750

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