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Stephanie Ellen St. Claire - Psychic Astrologer Counselor

House and Office energy clearings

Fees - Click here for information on how much it costs.

Often there are negative energy vortexes under or around houses and offices. There are also geopathic areas (ley lines, underground water veins and other such interference) on or around these properties as well.

Sometimes plants won't grow in these areas and pets refuse to go there as well. Pets are EXTREMELY sensitive to non-beneficial energies and can clearly hear and see non-beneficial spirit beings as well.

Negative geopathic zones as well as non-beneficial energies can sometimes make people quite sick, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Many times people's homes and offices are filled with non-beneficial energies due to negative thinking and negative attitudes. Sometimes ghosts haunt these places.

Whenever possible, I go to your house and/or office and do an in-person consultation. Otherwise, I send my Spirit Team to your house and/or office and they go on site and do the work as I direct them. It is VERY EFFECTIVE and permanent.

After I make changes to your home and/or office, I then do energy work on you. In fact, when I do a Feng Shui consultation, the removal of non-beneficial energies are part of the process and is done at the end of each consultation.

Home and/or office consultations can vary from 2 - 3 hours depending upon how long it takes me to make the corrections and clear everything. There is a two hour minimum to go on site.

Prices For House and/or Office Visitations

House and/or Office Visitations - $180/hour

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E-mail: stephanie@stephaniestclaire.net

(520) 299-9557

Stephanie Ellen St. Claire

6890 E Sunrise Dr. #126
Tucson, Arizona 85750

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