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What are the differences between Psychics and Psychic Mediums, Astrologers and Astrology, and Spiritual Counselors and Spirit Guides? How does a Psychic Reading differ from a Spiritual Reading? Here is a brief explanation to further your understanding of the important differences:

Psychics - Readings by a person who is clairvoyant, a person who is able to see into the future and into events in a personís life.

Mediums - Someone who can communicate with the spirit realm who may or may not be clairvoyant.

Psychic Mediums - Someone who is both clairvoyant and is able to communicate with the spirit realm which is where we go when we die. They may or may not be able to communicate with loved ones.

Psychic Readings - Many psychics are NOT mediums which means they cannot communicate with the spirit realm. Usually readings are more accurate if the person is both a psychic and medium

Spiritual Readings - A reading from a person who is usually psychic, but not always. The person usually has a strong working knowledge of our spiritual connection to Source and how life on our earth plane works in relationship to the bigger picture.

Spiritual Counselors - Someone who helps guide others with the focus on our spiritual connection to the Divine.

Spirit Guides - Everybody has at least one or two spirit guides who assist them throughout their lives. Most mediums have a group of spirit beings who assist them with their readings and their spiritual work in general.

Negative Energy Clearing - Someone who can clear negative influences around people. These negative influences can be from negative experiences in oneís life and/or from negative entities who attach themselves to others.

Negative Entities - These are spirit beings who are quite negative and disruptive to people and their lives. They range from being just a nuisance to being demonic in nature. They attach themselves to people and cause people to switch personalities suddenly at times. They usually disrupt peopleís lives and cause much hardship.

Astrology and Astrologers - Astrology is the ancient study of the planets and their location in the sky at birth and how they affect each of us in our lives. An astrology chart is calculated based on oneís date of birth, exact time of birth, and the city and state or country where one is born. This chart is a blueprint of oneís personality and life this time around. An astrologer is what one calls someone who practices astrology and can interpret astrology charts and their meaning.

Astronomy and Astronomers - Astronomy is an exact science which studies the planets and stars in our solar system and other galaxies... their positions in the solar system, new planetary discoveries, and so forth. Those who study astronomy are called astronomers. There is very little connection between astrology and astronomy.

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